1. Methodologies handbook#

This chapter explains the framework and taxonomy used in the reliability.space handbook and links it to the reliability prediction process and usage. It provides guidance for users that are in charge of planning a prediction. The taxonomy is defined on two major axes: (1) the type of elements (EEE, Mechanical, and Miscellaneous elements) and (2) the failure root causes (random, systematic, wear-out, and extrinsic failures), see Fig. 1.1 for an overview. Moreover, this part describes the general reliability prediction framework and how it should be used. A number of ground rules and assumptions are described which should be agreed upon before starting a prediction. This includes the scope and focus in terms of failure root causes to be covered in a prediction for a specific use. Finally, the use of predictions during the project life cycle is adressed.


Fig. 1.1 Classification of failures by root cause.#

This chapter contains the following sections: