2.1. Scope#

In order to harmonize the methodologies for different applications, NRPM starts with the formulation of an overall framework formed by the methodologies (Section 1) and methods chapters. The framework merges all aspects of reliability prediction, even though these may be handled by different methods and thus provides a basis and background for the models (EEE chapter (Section 3, Section 4), mechanical chapter (Section 5, Section 6), miscellaneous chapter (Section 7, Section 8), system chapter (Section 9, Section 10))

The framework is used to establish a link between different aspects of reliability (and associated methods) and the objectives of RP, i.e., the decisions that will be supported by the prediction results. It is the basis to select the required methods for a given application. In addition, the framework will also be used to provide guidance on the development of RP methods for future technologies. Thus, the framework is essential as background information and constitutes the basis of reliability.space.